Advisor Supply - Cops on the Box

Our advisors work with writers and directors to achieve technical detail in scripts and train cast members in the role they are playing.

They are also available to assist other departments involved in a production such as costume and props.

With our advisors our customers achieve a true-to-life look and performance for productions that require uniformed and non-uniformed police roles.

We can provide Nationally Certificated Police Tactical Advisors for firearms incidents and Firearms Instructors to ensure correct use of weapons by actors. See the full list of our advisor supply below.

Armed Operations

  • SC019 Operational Tactical Advisors
  • Airport Armed Patrols Advisor
  • Armed Response Vehicles
  • Firearms Training Instructors
  • Tactical Firearms Instructors
  • Tactical Entry Teams
  • Hostage Rescue Teams

Detective Operations

  • Operation Trident
  • Flying Squad
  • Kidnapping and Ransom Team
  • Hostage Negotiation teams
  • Intelligence Unit
  • Family Liaison Officers
  • Child Protection Teams
  • Serious Crime Directorate
  • National Crime Agency (NCA)

Financial Crime

  • Fraud Investigators
  • Card Fraud/Counterfeit Currency Investigators
  • Forensic Financial Investigators

Other Advisors

  • Intelligence Services (Home Office).
  • Special Branch
  • Military Police
  • Royal Protocol/Procedures
  • State Occasions Advisors
  • Downing Street/Government

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