Extras Supply - Cops on the Box

All our extras have first-hand knowledge of police or military work.

We believe this is essential in providing a realistic image to a production's final product.

We provide everything from Officers on the beat to a riot team complete with all the equipment (riot shields etc.) to a full Forensic Team, Tactical Firearms Team and Hostage Rescue teams.

We can also supply dogs, horses, vehicles and boats. Please read below for more information.

We supply specialist extras from the following teams:

Uniformed Operations

  • Bobbies on the beat
  • Territorial Support Group
  • Diplomatic Protection Group
  • Dog handlers and dogs
  • Divers and underwater search

Detective Units

  • Murder Squad
  • Special Branch
  • Robbery Squad / Organised Crime Squad
  • Explosive search and disposal

Crime Scene

  • Scene of Crime Examiners
  • Photographers
  • Fingerprint Examiner

Firearm Units

  • Armed Response Unit
  • Tactical Firearms
  • Siege team surveillance

We proudly support

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